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First year with MobilePay

Danske Bank launches a new app that makes money transfers easier. The app is named MobilePay, and users can initially transfer DKK 1,000 a day to each other. In December, MobilePay is also launched in Finland.

Betal med MobilePay-appen

100 000

have downloaded the app after the first few months.


The business expands

People love MobilePay, so we add functionality to the solution. MobilePay becomes usable in shops, webshops, other apps and at supermarket checkouts.

App of the Year 2013

We land this award

Kalles kaffe-logo

Kalles kaffe is our very first business customer in Denmark

Word of the Year

Is MobilePay... cool!


The family grows

WeShare is born in late spring, and MobilePay has a baby sister app. In collaboration with Danske Bank, we create a solution for sellers of ‘Hus Forbi’, a street paper sold by homeless people – making it easier for them to sell the paper on the streets. 

Towards the end of the year, MobilePay welcomes a number of new partner banks in Denmark, thus providing a basis for a completely new way of doing things.

MobilePay - family having fun

Burgers on the menu – Finland launches cooperation with McDonalds


On our own feet

We launch subscription payments with MobilePay. Users only have to swipe once and the payment will automatically be executed. In Finland, an agreement is entered into to offer subscription payments together with the largest Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat. Towards the end of the year, MobilePay becomes a separate entity in Denmark. We get a new logo, new colours and start looking for a new home.

Pay with MobilePay

And the award goes to...

WeShare! At the DIA and DDA awards WeShare took home 4 prices.

1 million transactions

In Denmark in one and the same day.

Cashless festivals

MobilePay is at several of the summer festivals


New friends in Finland and Denmark

The year starts well. The new MobilePay logo and colours are everywhere now – in the app and in shops. WeShare also gets a new logo. In Finland we are ready with a new exciting partnership with the Finnish retail giant S Group. In Denmark MobilePay joins forces with the amusement park Tivoli.