💸 How to pay and send money with the new MobilePay

All key functions such as paying and sending money can be found in the blue bar on your home screen. Follow these simple steps: 

Tap 'Send' in the blue menu

MobilePay tab bar in english

Type in the recipient's phone number or the shop's short number

MobilePay search feature in english

Type in the amount and swipe to pay. Very, very easy 💸

MobilePay swipe in english

Your terms and conditions for MobilePay are now updated

For months we have been working hard to launch a brand new version of the beloved MobilePay app. Along with the new app, we have updated the terms and conditions with the following changes: 

  • Remember WeShare? The sharing expenses functionality is back – but now as an integrated part of the MobilePay app (See the section about “Share expenses”
  • You now have the possibility to use the MobilePay app to share information with merchants that offer easy login (see the section about “Easy login”
  • You can now get additional information from merchants in the MobilePay app (see section about “Get additional information from the Merchant”
  • A new feature called “Express checkout” is introduced, which simplifies online purchases by helping you to fill in your contact and shipping information and choose your preferred shipping method. 

The new terms and conditions apply from 23.01.2024. If you do not want to be subject to the updated terms and conditions, you must notify us and we will consider this notice as an immediate termination of your agreement with us. If we do not hear from you, we consider this as your acceptance of the new terms and conditions. Read more at www.mobilepay.fi/asiakastuki/ehdot.